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Club de español 2013-14

¡Qué guay! The Spanish club is back 🙂

I you have had a great summer and are looking forward to lots of fun Spanish learning again this year! Lets start off with a bit of a quiz. How many of these Spanish things do you know? Why not post your answers in a reply?

1. Paella

2. Corrida de toros

3. Sangría

4. Castañuelas

5. Abanico

6. Tortilla

Las Vacaciones de Verano – Summer Holidays in Spain

Spanish school children tend to finish school a month earlier than in the UK. Most primary schools in Spain finish for the summer holidays around the 20th of June, whilst in England, they don’t finish until around the 20th of July. They also go back to school about a week later with classes starting around the 10th of September!



Welcome to the Spanish Club blog!

Here we can talk about what we have learnt in Spanish Club recently, share things we like about Spain or Spanish-speaking countries, ask questions or set each other challenges.

Remember, when writing on the blog you should never write down your full name or give other personal details, you should never say anything that might hurt another person’s feelings and you should never use bad words.