En clase 31/03/14 – Adjectivos

Everyone did really well to remember some of the adjectives (adjectivos) that we learnt last lesson especially as it was two weeks ago.

Spanish grammar is a bit tricky with adjectives as you have to remember 3 things

1) they come after the noun

2) they agree with gender (their ending changes depending whether the word is masculine or feminine)

3) they  agree with number (the ending changes depending whether the word is singular or plural).

Lots to remember. Here are some examples

brazo largo – long arm

pierna larga – long leg

brazos largos – long arms

piernas largas – long legs

We did some longer sentences to describe animals like:

Una jirafa tiene un cuello largo – A giraffe has a long neck.

Una jirafa tine cuatro piernas largas – A giraffe has four long legs.

Un elefante tiene un nariz largo – An elephant has a long nose.

Finally the children had to listen to my description of a creature and guess what it was.

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