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En Clase 10/02/14 – Preposiciones

The children did an excellent job of remembering the words they had learnt in class last week and easily paired the items of stationery with their pictures. They then learnt the following words:

encima de: on top of

debajo de: below

al lado de: to the side of

dentro de: inside

The children recognised sentences describing the location of items in relation to other items  such as:

El lápiz está encima de la goma.

Las tijeras están debajo de la mochila.

El boli está al lado de la cola.

La goma está dentro del estuche.

They then went on to make some sentences of their own.

En clase 03/02/14 – En la mochila

The children learnt some new words related to stationery and items they might find in their school bag or pencil case.

una mochila – a school bag or ruck sack

un lápiz – pencil

un boli – a pen

una goma – a rubber

unas tijeras – scissors

un estuche – a pencil case

un libro – a book

Can you thick of any other items that you might find in un estuche or una mochila? Write your answer in a reply.