En clase 13/01/14 & 20/01/14

The Spanish Club would like to welcome a new member to the group this term.

The children learnt about new year in Spain last week and have been working on learning ‘el alfabeto’ (the alphabet) in Spanish over the last two weeks.

They have learnt that there is an extra letter ‘ñ’ and how to pronounce all the letters when spelling things out.

They can also answer ‘¿Cómo se escribe su nombre?’ (How do you spell your name) and ¿Cómo se escribe ______ en español ? (How do you write ______ in Spanish?) and the are in the process of reviewing old vocabulary and learning new vocabulary by making alphabet books.

Next week we are planning on finishing our alphabet books and we are hoping to squeeze in a game of hangman or two. All in Spanish of course!

Hasta la semana que viene…

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