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En Clase 09/12/13 – Navidad

The children did a great job remembering the phrases we learnt last week and could tell me what time they do things on school days. They learnt the word for Christmas Day (Día de Navidad) in Spanish and could also tell me what time they got up and had breakfast on this special day. After that we learnt all about Christmas in Spain (which is quite different!) and did a tricky crossword puzzle to learn some Spanish words related to Christmas.

Christmas Mini-quiz

1. What happens on 6th January in Spain?

2. What is a ‘jota’?

3. Why is the cow important for Spanish people at Christmas?

4. When do the Spanish have their Christmas meal?

Post your answers in a reply.

En clase 02/12/13 – Mi Día

The children did a great job of remembering the daily routine phrases they learnt last class and even learnt a few more.

Bajo a la cocina – I go down to the kitchen

Pongo mi chaqueta – I put my jacket on.

Cojo mi mochila – I get my school bag

Salgo – I leave the house.

We revisited time again and made sure that  we knew the difference between the following

Las siete – 7 o’clock

Son las siete – It’s 7 o’clock

a las siete – at 7 o’clock