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En Clase 30/09/13 – Hablando de otros

Today we learnt that the endings of verbs change when we are speaking about other people.

Me llamo – I am called changes to Se llama – he/she is called

Tengo – I have changes to Tiene – he/she has

Vivo en – I live in changes to Vive en – he/she lives in

We then heard all about Lucas who comes from Buenos Aires in Argentina and wrote some lovely pieces about our friends and family.

En Clase 23/09/13 – ¿Dónde vives?

The children did a great job of remembering some of the things they have learnt in previous classes today by introducing themselves to each other. They also learnt how to answer the question ¿Dónde vives? – Where do you live? Can you match where the following people live to the pictures below?

1. Vivo en Paris, Francia.

2. Vivo en Madrid, España.

3. Vivo en Nueva York, Los Estados Unidos.

4. Vivo en Tokyo, Japón.

new yorkMadridParistokyo

Club de español 2013-14

¡Qué guay! The Spanish club is back 🙂

I you have had a great summer and are looking forward to lots of fun Spanish learning again this year! Lets start off with a bit of a quiz. How many of these Spanish things do you know? Why not post your answers in a reply?

1. Paella

2. Corrida de toros

3. Sangría

4. Castañuelas

5. Abanico

6. Tortilla