En Clase 15/07/13 – Mi Cumpleaños

The children have learnt how to say their birthdays in Spanish today – mine is ‘el veintisiete de marzo’ (The 27th of March). Notice how the spanish don’t use capital letters for the months of the year and usually just use a number for the date instead of having a small ‘rd’, ‘th’ or ‘st’. The 1st is a bit different as they use the word ‘primero’.

Can you work out what the following special dates would be in Spanish? The first one has been done for you.

1. 25/12 – El veinticinco de diciembre

2. 14/2

3. 1/1

4. 31/10

5. 5/11

We also learnt the 10 spanish words related to birthdays. Can you remember what any of them mean? globos, fiesta, tarta, velas, regalos, tarjetas, juegos, vestidos bonitos, sombreros, comida.

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