Monthly Archives: May 2013

En Clase 20/05/13 – En un Restaurante

Spanish_menuWhat great waiters and waitresses we were in our made up restaurant – Restaurante La Señora! I loved all the great drawings you did of the food that you ordered and well done to those that had a go at making their own menus.

Here are some of the phrases we learnt when ordering things in our restaurant:

¡Oiga, camarero! – Excuse me, waiter!

¡Oiga, camarera! – Excuse me waitress!

La cuenta por favor – The bill please.

Here is a typical Spanish paella recipe. Why not have a go at making one at home.

En clase 13/05/13 – El Tiempo

spanish_sunToday we looked at maps of the UK and Spain, talked about the geographical location of the two countries, identified some of their cites and talked about the weather (el tiempo). Here are the phrases we learnt:

hace sol – it’s sunny

llueve – it rains

hace calor – it’s hot

hace frío – it’s cold

If you want to know what the weather is doing in Spain today, why not have a look at this online weather map of Spain.