En Clase 29/04/13 – Mi Habitación

The children learnt how to say the words for items in a bedroom. We came up with some great ways to remember what the words mean.

Un armario – A wardrobe (somewhere that knights hang their ‘armour’ when they go to bed and where ‘Mario’ might hide in a game of hide and seek)

Una cama – A bed (If there are lumps in the bed, maybe a ‘camel’ is hiding there)

Una puerta – A door (it sounds like a ‘port’ or ‘portal’)

Una ventana – A window (it provides ‘ventilation’)

Unos estantes – Book shelves (the books ‘stand’ on them)

Una lámpara – A lamp

The children were sent home with a simple task to do over the bank holiday – I hope they enjoyed sticking the labels they made around their rooms.


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